A lot of dog owners want to keep their pets looking presentable and clean. They also trim their coats to guarantee that they are cool enough. However, it can often become a bit too much whenever your pet isn’t used to the process. When it comes to getting an accurate and safe cut, it’s vital that you ensure your dog is comfortable.  

Oftentimes, grooming can include strange and various sounds that your dog might not be acquainted with. This is especially true if it is their first time at the pet grooming Birmingham Hoover salon.  

For a productive and effective grooming session, making sure that your dog is at ease in its surroundings is vital. Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to keep your dog calm when grooming. 

Praise and Rewards Are Vital 

If you’ve got a pet that’s really nervous around grooming tools or does not deal well with the entire process, treats can be the best method to reward them for enabling you to groom them. Reward them with a stroke and verbal praise whenever they sit or stand still and enable you to maneuver them as you need. With this, your pet will start to create the connection between staying calm during grooming. You can also offer them treats to promote the continuation of obedient and good behavior. If you do this constantly, grooming will eventually become much less of a problem for your dog and they will reach the conclusion that there’s nothing to worry about.  

Get Your Pet Familiar with the Tools 

Fear of the unknown can actually put humans off trying new experiences. This can be applied to pets as well. You need to make a familiar environment in which the dog feels they’ve got control in too. This will make grooming enjoyable and easy. You should allow your dog to sniff the tools you are planning to use and try it out early on so that it does not come as a surprise for them. If it’s your dog’s first time in a salon, you should provide them an element of authority in the area. This will allow them not to feel overwhelmed and intimidated.  

Make Them Feel Safe 

Before you can establish trust with your dog, you’ve got to ensure that it feels safe in your hands. The grooming salon can be worrying and stressful for dogs. This is particularly true if they have not been before. Making sure that they feel safe in that area makes them feel at ease. It’s vital to keep them comfortable when grooming them to avoid injuries. 

Familiar Sounds 

If you’ve got a dog that’s nervous, you should play something that’s familiar to them. This can help them calm down. It can be a very helpful addition to the grooming process, whether it is music that they hear or a noise that they are used to. This will guarantee that your dog has something recognizable to detach themselves from what is happening.